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Sauna Rental

Your sauna options include:

A smaller barrel sauna that fits 2-4 people and heats up to 90 – 100C. This is a terrific sauna for anyone looking to get hot!

Our larger sauna that fits 6-18 people. It does not get as hot but is still warm enough to steam the rocks. However, the larger sauna is unavailable if the temperatures are cooler than -15C.

Rental: The smaller sauna is $150/2hr. The bigger one is $275/2hr. The smaller sauna can be ready in the morning (10am) the larger sauna will need until 1pm in the afternoon to warm up.

Other Options: In the winter, we have a heated wall tent which is the perfect pairing to host a group event. During the summer, we have a 14’x16′ floating deck and a water trampoline tied up to the larger sauna that can be accessed. Catering of food and beverages is available from Sundog Trading Post.

How to Rent:
Large Sauna: Book Now

Small Sauna: Book Now

Please select 1 adult (it does not matter if there are more participating) and the time slot. The billing is by time and not by person.